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FitGods is the healthiest food delivery service available. We know the food choices we make have a direct impact on our physical and mental health. At FitGods we home cook absolutely everything, from our ketchups, dressings, herb mixes, sauces, falafels, wraps, breads, energy treats and all our whole chickens, absolutely everything is homemade from the freshest ingredients. We do this because, we are genuine in our mission, we want to provide nutritional support you can trust because we know the power food holds in supporting a happier, healthier life. Cooking from scratch is the only way to eat to achieve this goal.

We have eliminated the main allergens from all our meals. If you do not have any food intolerances do not worry, you will not notice at all, you might even prefer it because FitGods is packed with flavour. We’ll provide you with portioned healthy, tasty meals or meal plans daily to your work place or home. All you need to do is heat the food up (if necessary) when you’re ready to eat. And, receive all the amazing health benefits from eating FitGods.

Why Choose FitGods

If you’re wondering why to choose FitGods, we’ll provide you with some of the advantages of choosing FitGods for all your meals or even just your lunches throughout the week.

  • • We are a gluten free/ sugar free and dairy free kitchen. Don’t let this put you off, you will not even notice the taste difference, but I promise, you will notice the health difference. (we do serve sheeps and goats cheese but no cow)
  • • All our meals are nutrient dense and low in calories.
  • • We’ll deliver it direct to your home/work/office fresh daily.
  • • Our meals are designed and created by me, Kat, Creator of FitGods. In a previous life I was as a heroin/methadone addict, self loather and a depressed sabotager. I now, through a lot of hard work am; a mother of 2, nutritional therapist, yoga teacher, personal trainer and genuinely happy, positive, good person. My journey thought me a lot and brought a lot of wisdom about nutrition, health and happiness and how are bodies work both physically and energeticall. FitGods is my way to communicate that knowledge.
  • • The meals are cooked by Gary our chef-prepared and ready to eat. I will let Gary introduce himself.
  • • Everything is home cooked from scratch and fresh daily.
  • • Our way of cooking and serving offer maximum nutrition.
  • • We are genuine in our help and concern with the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing and know that correct nutrition, along with stress management (huge) and exercise is key.

Tasty and Healthy Meals and Plans

Take a look around our website and find various tasty and healthy meals and plans that you can choose from. We offer low-carb plans, family plans, smoothies, Paleo diet premade meals and much more. The world moves faster and faster each year, often causing people to struggle to prepare healthy and delicious meals for themselves and their families. With Prepped, you will not have to worry about food any longer, as we have everything you’ll need for your weekly meals, all at competitive and affordable prices. Now, get out there and face the world! We’ll have your Prepped meal waiting at your doorstep when you get hom By offering our customers a fresh, healthy, delicious menu that supports their digestive health first & foremost, we aim to make you healthier & happier.
FitGods is a positive energy Brand and with one main goal; ‘to make our customers healthier and happier’. We understand the power of food choices and we understand the comfort that great tasting food provides. With this knowledge, we provide our customers with ‘freedom food’. Freedom from guilt, freedom from temptation and freedom from any unhealthy choices.
FitGods is a gluten free kitchen and a sugar free kitchen. We are also mainly dairy free, we only supply organic butter and milk when requested by you. Our cheeses we use are easy digestible sheep’s cheeses.
The FitGods Brand delivers taste, health, trust and a sprinkle of happiness. We want our customers to know we are passionate about making them feel happier and healthier by providing ONLY good quality whole foods that support digestive and mental health, and tastes amazing.


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